TV Time Can Cut Your Lifetime

If your idea of quality time is spending hours in front of the flickering box, you might be in for a rude awakening. A recent study published in Circulation: The Journal of the American Heart Association suggests that prolonged sedentary periods might adversely affect your prospects for a long happy life.

This Australian research tracked the lives of 8,800 adults for 6 years. Scientists calculated that each hour of TV viewing roughly translates into an 11% increased risk of death from all causes. Compared with people who watch less then 2 hours of TV a day, those who spend 4+ hours being entertained by broadcast programming have a 46% higher risk of death from all causes.

The Bigger Picture: The human body was built for physical movement. Even if you maintain a healthy weight, being inactive for long periods of time has a less than healthy impact on blood sugars and fats. So getting up and walking around every hour or so at home and at work can do more than help you stay focused and alert. It could add more healthy, active years to your lifespan.
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sam grose
Jan 15, 2010
i sincerely doubt that this study also applies to those who weight train/do cardio frequently. of course, those people probably don't watch quite as much tv in the first place.. hah.