Easier Dieting Goes The Distance

Anyone who's ever tried to lose 20 pounds knows it's no easy task. But a new study published in the journal Appetite suggests that easier to follow methods promote longer-lasting adherence. Researchers from two universities had 390 women complete questionnaires at the beginning, middle and end of an 8-week period. They found that a strong willpower was no match for a complex diet involving what seems like a never-ending series of complex steps.

The Bigger Picture: If you're an analytical type who enjoys tracking various numbers, then calorie counting or points-based diets might be easy for you. If you'd rather have someone else do the counting, there are alternatives offering pre-selected meal choices for every occasion. Whatever leaves you with plenty of time to get to the gym and exercise, that's probably the route you'll be most successful following. It's all about staying the course.
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