Fueling Optimal Performance

For those who play soccer or another competitive endurance sport, Dr. Leyre Gravina has some advice. Get your fill of fiber to help reduce cell damage and counteract oxidative stress, and increase ingestion of proteins, folic acid and vitamin C to boost red blood cell production. This PhD's study, which was published in Basque Research, found that, in addition to the previously mentioned nutrients, elite-level female soccer players weren't getting enough calcium or potassium either.

The Bigger Picture: The harder you train and compete, the more important a balanced diet becomes. According to this research, making a few key changes to your eating habits, even just one or two things, can have a dramatic effect on your on-field performance along with the recovery that follows. If you're confused about where to begin, taking a high-potency multivitamin and post-workout whey protein shake is a great 'stack' to start with.
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