Learning the Way to a Healthy Weight

Generally speaking, the average American doesn't know what it takes to maintain a healthy weight, but at least we are showing signs of improvement. According to a recent survey on diet trends, 44 percent of Americans recognize that extreme diet plans can't yield sustained weight loss. Instead of relying on the latest fad diet to lose weight, we're beginning to realize that a well-rounded diet and physical activity are more effective. The problem with fad diets (Atkins, South Beach, Jenny Craig, etc.) is that they require the individual to make drastic changes to their eating habits, which in the long run are difficult to stick with. In fact, a separate review found that 97 percent of people who engaged in a diet regained all of the weight within five years.

The Bigger Picture:
Eat healthy and keep moving. If you're trying to drop some pounds and keep them off, that should be your mantra. Instead of trying to get in shape before you can say "cheeseburger" take small manageable steps towards your fitness goal. For example, eating fewer processed foods and adding ten extra minutes to your exercise program. Then, after you've accomplished those, move onto something else. By taking this approach, you can greatly increase your chances of long term success.
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