Birthday Impacts Pro Potential

In the book Analyzing Seasonal Health Data, Australian researchers suggest that the month and day of your birth can have an impact on whether you end up enjoying the life of a professional athlete. A disproportionate number of Australian Football League players were born in January, which marks the start of the school year. Since height is a huge advantage in this sport, having up to 12 more months to develop can provide a player with significant advantages on the field of play. These advantages stay with the athlete throughout their career.

The Bigger Picture: Similar studies done in other parts of the world have come to the same conclusion. Does this mean that a child born on December 31st won't make it to the pros? Not if you use the data as a motivational tool. Being told you're unlikely to ever been good as something can be a very powerful force for helping you accomplish great feats. There's a lot of satisfaction in proving naysayers wrong.
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Feb 11, 2010
I guess Ill conceive all my children in April lol