Creatine Spares Muscle Glycogen

Strength athletes use creatine to enhance muscle size and strength. Research recently published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition suggests that it might hold benefits for endurance athletes as well. Scientist had two groups of lab rats engage in high intensity intermittent swimming at maximal effort. One received creatine, the other a placebo. It was determined that creatine delayed muscle fatigue. Then the same rats performed 30-second bouts of high intensity intermittent exercise with 2 minutes of rest between sessions. Again, the creatine supplementing rats outperformed their placebo taking counterparts.

The Bigger Picture: Scientists concluded that the creatine supplementing rats were able to perform more bouts of HIIT exercise because of the glycogen-sparing effect of creatine, 33% over the placebo group. Whether this experiment works as well in human subjects is a matter of speculation. But you can find out for yourself by supplementing with creatine for a couple of months. Remember that it will take about a week for creatine to build up in your system.
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