Get Results From Lifting Tempo

With any weight training exercise, there's the concentric lifting phase, the pause at the top of the move, the eccentric lowering phase and the pause before you begin raising the next rep. The speed that you perform these movements, and the length of the pauses, can bring about different physiological results.

Most experts agree that slowing down these movements works well when performing single-joint exercises like lateral raises, curls and extensions. A normal or typical speed is best for those interested in developing muscle size and strength, and speeding up your tempo can benefit sports performance.

The Bigger Picture: Is there are right or wrong tempo to apply to your workout? Absolutely not. In fact, thinking about the quickness or slowness of your lifting motion can help you focus on maintaining proper form. It also makes you think more about workout planning. Try all three speeds, lengthening and/or shortening the pauses at both ends of the lifting range of motion. Stick with each scenario for a week or two. That'll keep your muscles guessing and developing.
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