Butter's Better In The Short Term

Researchers from Sweden's Lund University have found that butter keeps blood fats lower than olive oil. That's surprising, given the widely acknowledged benefits of the Mediterranean diet. One explanation focused on the short and medium chain fatty acids that account for 20% of butter's fat. They're typically burned directly as energy, unlike the long-chain fatty acids found in olive oil. Scientists theorized that might explain why butter consumption resulted in lower levels of free fatty acids in the bloodstream of study subjects.

The Bigger Picture: This finding underscores the importance of varying your diet. Apparently different types of fats provide different advantages and disadvantages. The bottom line? All fats are energy dense. If you don't burn off what's consumed your waistline will expand. If you consume butter often, over the long term it's likely to add weight and increase your cholesterol levels. On a positive note, treating yourself every once in a while might not be all that bad.
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