Another Side Benefit Of Dieting

Lots of people get serious about losing weight after the winter holidays have passed. Others start panicking when the calendar turns over to March because swim suit season is only 3 months away. Whatever you're reason for eating cleaner, a study recently published in journal Circulation found that 3 different diets hold the potential side benefit of supporting artery health.

Low-fat, low-carb and Mediterranean diet plans can help reverse the thickening of artery walls, Israeli researchers found. They had 140 middle aged subjects adhere to one of the 3 diets for 2 years. Everyone who stuck with their program experienced significant improvements in artery health.

The Bigger Picture: What did all 3 of these diet plans have in common? They reduced intake of processed and/or packaged foods while increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables. Of course, success can only be realized through long-term adherence to the diet, exactly the approach you should be taking for weight loss and maintenance.
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