Get More Fit Doing Less

Don't think you have enough time to keep yourself in shape? A study published in the Journal of Physiology might get you to reconsider. Researchers found that 20 minutes of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), at around 95% of your maximal heart rate, is the equivalent of 10 hours of continuous moderate intensity exercise.

Scientists had subjects perform ten 1-minute sprints on a stationary bike with a minute rest between each effort. This workout was followed 3 times a week, for a total of 60 minutes on the bike half of that rest time. Even though subjects spent less time in the gym, and did less actual work, they enjoyed roughly the same fitness results many hours of endurance training provides.

True Strength Moment: Whether you like to go the distance for long, challenging workouts or get it over with as quickly as possible, HIIT training offers a quick and effective way to boost or maintain your level of fitness. It's a great alternative and you don't even need a stationary bike to work it into your training routine. A minute of all out running works just as well.
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Mar 18, 2010
The HIT method was proposed way back in the late 70s and early 80s (Mike Mentzer et al). It goes against the mainstream current of diligent and serious overtraining done by the vast majority of bodybuilders (including veteran ones). Overtraining athletes require far more supplements and stimulants to grow and stay fit but in the same time, they represent the milking cow of a large industry the supplements one. Promoting overtraining methods will increase the cash flow, which is what the industry is after.
Good article. Too bad so many bodybuilders out there are overtraining, overspending and undergrowing.
Mar 21, 2010
Infact something known as the Colorado Experiment performed by Casey Viator is a great example of this fact. Just Google to find out more.