Protein Timing For Gains

Athletes have been debating optimal protein usage for more than a century. A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research weighs in with these recommendations. Scientists suggest choosing protein sources that provide all of the essential amino acids. Those are the ones you body cannot produce on its own and must intake through diet. Coincidentally, essential amino acids are also crucial for supporting muscle size and strength gains.

The study began by stating that athletes should never train on an empty stomach. Right after exercising, a quickly digested whey protein helps trigger protein synthesis. But the study also gave high marks to slowly-digesting casein, which offers athletes valuable anti-catabolic qualities that can play a role in minimizing the breakdown of muscle tissue.

True Strength Moment: This is good, basic advice. A fast-acting whey protein right before and/or after working out followed by a casein shake before bed. If you're interested in learning more about protein types and timing, visit The information could put you well on the way to becoming your gym's protein guru.
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