Water As An Energy Drink

Dehydration reduces endurance performance and muscular strength. Even a modest level can adversely affect your workout. The American Council on Exercise suggests drinking a cup (8 fl. oz.) of water every 15 minutes while training. It's a good idea to drink at least that much before starting your routine especially if you hit the gym first thing in the morning.

True Strength Moment: Another point for early morning exercisers to remember, as mentioned in yesterday's breaking news post, training on an empty stomach is counterproductive. Get the benefits of quality nutrition and hydration by mixing up a whey protein shake right before your workout. Using water instead of milk will cut down the calories and provide additional hydration benefits.
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Apr 02, 2010
Oh Yeah! This is so true I've personally been dehydrated when I was @ gym early in the morning working out on an empty stomach.

The True Strength Moment article actually works the best.