Do More Than One Set For Size

If you're trying to build muscle size, how many sets is optimal? A meta-analysis of 8 different studies, published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, attempts to answer that frequently asked question. Researchers found that doing 2-3 sets generated better hypertrophy (muscle size) than doing just 1, but that performing 4-6 sets produced no significantly better results than 2-3 sets did. This was true whether subjects regularly lifted weights or not.

True Strength Moment: According to this study you should always set your sights on performing 2-3 sets per exercise to develop bigger muscles. That assumption does not take into account the Principle of Muscle Confusion which states that you need to keep reinventing your workout to prevent muscles from adapting to training trends. Mix in one really heavy set or some supersets to keep your muscles guessing and growing.
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