Age Ramps Up Battle Against Bulge

As women age, it gets harder for them to keep weight off. That's what a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found. Over 13 years, researchers tracked the eating and exercise habits of 34,079 middle aged females. The average gain was 6 pounds over that time period, or a little less than half a pound per year. Subjects who began the study at a healthy weight and gained little to no additional weight exercised for about an hour every day.

True Strength Moment: This research doesn't mandate that you need to spend at least an hour in the gym every day. Moderate activity is defined at bike riding, walking at a brisk pace, even playing a round of golf provided you don't drive the course in a cart! If you can walk to a destination instead of firing up your car, do it. Cutting calories while engaging in daily exercise can really tip the scales in your favor.
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