Depth Jumps For Aerobic Power

Many athletes incorporate plyometric training into their conditioning program, but what does this type of workout have to offer recreational athletes? A study published in the Journal of Strength and Condition Research found that depth jumping from a 0.8 meter box (about 2.6 feet high) is an effective aerobic power training technique.

Scientists had 20 physically active college students perform 8 sets of depth jumps, each set consisting of 10 reps. Even with 3 minutes of rest between sets, subjects' heart rate and oxygen consumption were significantly elevated.

True Strength Moment: Jumping repeatedly off and onto a fixed platform presents you with a novel approach to cardio day that can put the fun back into your gym time. Start out slow to get a feel for it before working your way up to more challenging speeds. It'll get you going in more ways than one!
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