Getting More Out Of Running

With warm weather approaching, you're thinking about getting back into running. It's one of the most effective ways to burn calories and lose fat. Keeping on pace for continuous progress is the key to sticking with any exercise program, but German researchers found that newbie runners who committed to a 1 year jogging program (three 45 minute sessions per week) didn't realize significant fitness improvements after the first 6 months.

True Strength Moment: Nothing puts a damper on exercise motivation quite like a plateau. To blast past this potential roadblock, plan 3 different types of running for your 3 weekly sessions. One day would be dedicated to distance. Next time you head out to the trail focus on speed. And for your last run of the week, do a series of high-intensity sprints with light jogging in between. Six months down the road, consider making additional changeups to keep gaining from your training.
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