Juicy Marathon Recovery Secret

Getting your legs back under you after competing in a marathon can take a couple days or more. But a study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports suggest that tart cherry juice can speed the process. Researchers had 20 marathon runners drink the juice or a placebo twice a day for 5 days before the race and 2 days afterward. The cherry juice drinkers got their strength back much more quickly than the placebo treated runners.

True Strength Moment: Scientists theorized that anthocyanins and other phytochemicals found in tart cherries helped reduce inflammation while providing antioxidant support. No doubt the fast carbs helped replenish spent muscle glycogen as well. Mixing some whey protein powder into the cherry juice might have provided even more muscle recovery support. If you come up with a winning recipe, share it with other active shake makers at OptimumSmoothie.com
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