Cutting Calories Doesn’t Cut It

Trying to lose weight? Better hit the gym. That's what a study published in the American Journal of Physiology suggests. Research on monkeys living at the Oregon National Primate Research Center found that, after consuming a high-fat diet for years, these animals didn't lose weight after they were put back on a normal diet with 30% fewer calories. But they were less active. When calories were reduced even further, these primates were even less active than before.

True Strength Moment: From this study, you can see why people who diet without exercising aren't likely to be successful in their weight loss efforts. Consider the fact that a comparison group of monkeys fed an identical diet did manage the shed the extra weight. How? They were trained to run for an hour on a treadmill every day. Researchers didn't have them pump iron, but other studies suggest that a combination of resistance and cardio exercise can be an effective weight loss and fitness strategy.
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