Planning Your Fitness Routine

The weather's warming and you're looking to get back into top form after spending the cold months huddled up with comfort food. Great idea! So what's your plan? Results from a study published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise might help you decide where to start.

Each week, a group of 36 untrained men performed either 40 minutes of interval training, 150 minutes of endurance running or 150 minutes of strength training. After 12 weeks, those who interval trained showed the greatest improvements in cardiovascular fitness, while the strength training crew racked up the greatest increases in bone density and muscle mass. The runners realized lower heart rates, greater fat loss and most improved blood lipid profiles.

True Strength Moment: So which exercise protocol worked best? All of the above! This study illustrates the importance of engaging in different types of training to realize the best overall results. Try weight lifting Monday and Friday, running on Tuesday and Thursday, reserving Wednesday for your interval routine. Then mix it all up after 10 to 12 weeks and completely redesign your workout.
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