Which Cardio Machine & When?

If you go to one of the larger gyms, you might have as many as half a dozen different cardio machines to choose from. Here's a breakdown on which machines to use and for what purpose.

Stationary Bike: This is an outstanding all-around cardio machine. The motion is low impact and the level of difficulty is determined by the rider. The longer and/or more intensely you ride, the greater the exercise and fat burning potential.

Recumbent Bike: This is a very easy machine to use, which makes it an ideal tool for helping with lower body rehabilitation. On the other hand, because the impact is so low, you won't be burning a lot of fat peddling this bike.

Elliptical Trainer: Because you're using both arms and legs, this is a superior machine for burning body fat. It's the machine that requires effort from the most muscle groups.

Treadmill: This is another machine that lets the user determine the level of difficulty. You can walk on the rotating belt as a warm up or elevate the platform and ramp up the pace to break a sweat in a hurry.

Stepmill: This is one of the most challenging cardio machines to use and requires real effort, so it's ideal for burning lots of calories. It wouldn't be your best choice for exercising a sore muscle or joint.

Stair Stepper: Depending on how hard you push yourself, either by longer strides or greater tension, the difficulty level of this machine ranges between somewhat easy to moderately difficult.

True Strength Moment: Whether you're exercising at a low intensity to work a sore muscle back into shape, or want to go all out to burn as many calories as possible, using a variety of these machines can provide optimal results. For example, you might do the stepmill one day and the elliptical two days later, opting for a resistance training session on the day in between.
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