BCAAs Help Beat Muscle Soreness

You drink a fast acting whey protein shake right after training to kick-start the protein synthesis that helps rebuild muscles bigger and stronger. Whether that shake's Gold Standard 100% Whey or new Platinum Hydrowhey, it's a rich source of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). A study just published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise suggests that BCAAs might play an important role in alleviating soreness after intense eccentric exercise.

Researchers had 24 untrained men perform 12 sets of knee extensions (10 reps per set) with heavy weight. Half this group drank a BCAA supplement 30-minutes before training. The others got a placebo. Everyone got another supplement/placebo drink an hour and a half after training, between lunch and dinner, then again right before bed. They supplemented again the next day. Assessed for 72 hours after their workout, the BCAA drinkers reported less muscle soreness than the placebo drinkers.

True Strength Moment: Both groups experienced a loss in strength the day after training, which illustrates the importance of taking time off from lifting to let your body completely recover. If BCAAs make the experience less painful, that's a bonus to the rebuilding support strength athletes depend on BCAAs to provide.
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