Boning Up For The Duration

Muscle pumps don't last nearly as long as you'd like them to. But the big, dense bones you're building might. That's what a study from Sahlgrenska Academy in Sweden suggests. Researchers measured the bones of 3,200 men and found that those who played sports at a young age had larger, more dense bones than guys who sat on the couch instead. Even randomly selected 75 year old men who'd suited up for games 3+ times a week at some point during their lives had denser bones than habitual couch potatoes.

True Strength Moment: The scientists who conducted this research theorized that the weight loading involved in training and competing during those formative years has a stimulating effect on bone development. That's a good thing since larger bones are more durable and resistant to the fractures that become more common as you age. So keep lifting to build up both muscle and bone.
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