Burning It Up In The Pool

Just like your resistance training routine, it's a good idea to change up your cardio fitness efforts every once in a while. Among the many options are stationary and regular cycling, treadmill and trail running, elliptical machines and the pool. The outdoor pools open at the end of the month and plenty of gyms have Olympic sized indoor versions to use year-round. Here's a breakdown of how many calories you can expect to burn during an hour of swimming:

Treading Water 236
Sidestroke 472
Backstroke 472
Breaststroke 590
Fast Freestyle 590
Butterfly 649

True Strength Moment: To keep it interesting and fun, put yourself through an IM (Individual Medley) style training circuit and apply most or all of these different strokes, changing the style every lap. You can also incorporate fast/slow speeds to get an Interval Training effect that could help you burn even more calories.
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