Train Yourself To Resist Cravings

Hunger can be satisfied with any kind of food, but cravings can be very specific. Right down to your favorite flavor of a particular potato chip brand. A study published in the journal Current Directions in Psychological Science suggests that busying your brain with certain tasks might help reduce the nagging desires that can lead to dramatic diet set-backs.

Scientists found that when study subjects were craving something their performance on cognitive tests declined. That's because the mental imagery required significant mental energy. So researchers tried working this discovery in reverse, engaging the brain to reduce the intensity of cravings. They discovered that when subjects were asked to focus on a common sensory experience, like picturing a rainbow or experiencing the smell of pine needles, food cravings were reduced.

True Strength Moment: For those occasions when fighting off cravings becomes really tough, and imagining sights or smells isn't cutting it, disconnect your TV's cable box and watch the static screen for a while. A technique very similar to this worked for study subjects. Sticking with a diet is mind over matter. Use every sensible technique at your disposal.
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