Protein or Carbs Post-Workout?

As the saying goes, there's a time and a place for everything. Carbohydrates are valued by athletes for the way they replenish the muscle glycogen spent during intense training. Protein's role in recovery comes in the form of amino acids, which can provide anti-catabolic support minimizing the breakdown of muscle tissue that occurs during exercise while promoting the anabolic rebuilding that follows.

So what's best for weight lifting women? A study published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise compared the impact of fat-free milk to a carbohydrate beverage immediately and also an hour after each workout. The study ran for 12 weeks after which it was determined that the milk drinkers built up more lean mass, developed a greater degree of strength and lost more fat than their carb-drinking counterparts.

True Strength Moment: Does this mean that dairy protein should always be used instead of carbohydrates? Not at all. Slow burning carbohydrates make an ideal pre-workout meal, because of the sustained energy that a fiber-rich food like oatmeal can provide. Carbs are also crucial after endurance training, particularly when paired with staged proteins. There is no one-choice-fits-every-occasion supplement, which is why ON offers so many choices. For more details on protein types and timing, visit
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