Ski Poles For The Summer

You've probably seen people power-walking or out for a hike carrying what look like a pair of ski poles. What they're doing is Nordic Walking, an exercise that evolved from an off-season ski training technique known as Ski Walking. When you take the poles for a hike over hilly terrain, it's called hill bounding. The poles are supposed to take some off the effort off your legs and get your upper body more involved in the workout.

To test the validity of these assumptions, researchers had a group of active adults scale Mt. Snowdon, the UK's highest peak, with or without using poles. Perceived effort was recorded during the hike, and muscle damage was measured daily for 3 days following this event. Not only did the poles reduce perceived effort but they played a key role in maintaining optimal muscle function in the days following this mountain hike.

True Strength Moment: The results of this study published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise show how ingenuity can keep you going strong, even under the most demanding circumstances. Exercising good judgment when performing any type of training can go a long way toward helping you remain injury free and ready for anything.
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