Fats Are Similar, But Different

The talk around your gym right before swimsuit season probably isn't centered around dietary fats, unless it's a strategy for avoiding them. But since your body needs a certain amount of fat to function, new research published in the clinical journal Nutrition & Metabolism provides an interesting perspective. It's long been assumed that saturated fats, the kind you find in so-called comfort food, satisfy hunger pangs. This study found that they don't work any better than healthy fats for appetite suppression.

Researchers had 18 healthy lean men consume a high-fat breakfast containing either saturated, mono-unsaturated or poly-unsaturated fats. Study subjects rated all about the same for taste, smell, visual appearance and satiety. When they sat down to lunch all experienced about the same level of appetite.

True Strength Moment: Since your body processes fats for energy and to support a number of other metabolic functions, keep your consumption of this macronutrient focused on the healthier mono- and poly-unsaturated fats and optimize the benefits while minimizing drawbacks.
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