Hardest Worked Repaired Least

From your time under weight plates, you know that muscle tissue is broken down during training. Afterward, it's repaired and rebuilt with help from the amino acids in protein. This rebuilding can take 48 hours or longer to complete. But what about the tendons that secure your muscles to bone? Research published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry reports that tendons under the highest amount of stress, like your Achilles tendon, repair themselves less frequently than low-stress tendons like the ones that work your fingers.

True Strength Moment: You'd assume that the harder you work one aspect of your body, the more adept it would be at repairing damage. Scientists theorized that if high-stress tendons were repaired as often as others, their strength and stiffness might be compromised. Your body makes a tradeoff by preserving structural integrity at the expense of increased risk of injury. All the more reason to get in a thorough warm up before each and every workout.
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