Women Gain & Lose With Lifting

There probably isn't a very good mix of ladies and men in your fitness center's weight room. That's an area typically dominated by males. But research published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise suggests that women can get a lot out of resistance training. Specifically: muscle toning and fat loss.

For 12 weeks, scientists had young non-weight lifting women work at bench pressing, pull-downs, leg presses, hamstring curls and other exercises, drinking 500 mL of skim milk an hour afterwards. All of them toned whole body muscle mass while losing significant amounts of body fat.

True Strength Moment: There's a misconception among many women that weight lifting won't help with weight loss. Another popular myth is that dairy products are fattening. This study disproved both of those assumptions. For those who are lactose sensitive, there are dairy based proteins you mix up easily with water to produce tasty shakes that are sugar, cholesterol and lactose free.
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