Apples To Blueberries Comparison

Experienced athletes know the value of fast carbs from fruit for pre-workout energy and glycogen replenishment afterward. Two new studies published in the journal Molecular Nutrition & Food Research suggest that apple and blueberry extracts can help protect muscle fibers during intense exercise.

In New Zealand, researchers subjected skeletal muscle cells to blueberry polyphenol extracts and noticed a dose-dependant antioxidant effect. Japanese researchers fed lab rats apple polyphenols and measured post-exercise muscle damage against rats who didn't get any fruit. Once again, they reported lower levels of oxidative stress.

True Strength Moment: Unless you're doing cardio first thing in the morning to burn fat, you shouldn't exercise on an empty stomach. Your body needs nutrients to fuel intense effort and protect against catabolic muscle breakdown. If your choice of fruit happens to protect against the oxidative stress created by intense effort, consider that a bonus. And don't forget to include amino acids from protein for muscle recovery and rebuilding!
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