Hip Exercises For Knee Pain

The start of your run is invigorating, but after a while you have to quit due to knee pain. Funny thing is, the pain subsides almost immediately after your last full stride. This condition, known as patellofemoral pain (PFP), affects mostly women. According to a study conducted at Indiana University simple hip strengthening exercises might reduce if not completely eliminate PFP.

Scientists had five female runners rate the degree of pain they experienced while running on a treadmill. The number 3 represented the onset of pain, while 7 was so intense they had to stop. After participating in biweekly regimen of 1-leg squats and resistance band exercises that went on for 6 weeks, the highest level of pain registered by subjects was 2.

True Strength Moment: The scientists conducting this study theorized that weak hips caused the thigh bones of these runners to rub against the back of their knee caps during a run. This illustrates the importance of whole body conditioning. While running is terrific for cardiovascular health and weight maintenance, don't neglect your core or upper body muscle groups. Doing so has the potential to hold you back from the workouts you really look forward to.
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