True Strength Requires Willpower

You sat down and planned out an extensive diet for the entire week. For every day, you mapped out 6 small meals to consume at intervals spaced 3 hours apart from your 7AM wakeup Platinum Hydrowhey to your 10PM Gold Standard 100% Casein nightcap. You've gone so far as to prepare these meals ahead of time, painstakingly calculating the calorie count and macronutrient profile of each item as it's packed into the handy mini cooler you keep at your side throughout the day.

The morning begins predictably enough with a tasty Turbo Chocolate shake packed with amino acids to prime your muscles for growth. A little while later, the guy who restocks your gym's vending machine slips you a candy bar for holding the door open as he wrestled an overloaded hand truck to the sidewalk. Tossing it in the garbage would seem ungrateful. You decide to give it away, until all those childhood warnings about taking candy from strangers has you reconsidering this well-intentioned act of generosity. All that sugar's really going to mess with your master plan for physique success, and if the candy bar's still in your possession post-workout that could be all it takes.

Willpower alone might not be enough to beat down a temptation like this one, so let's turn to a professional for help. That would be IFBB Pro and Diet Guru, George Farah. He has some tried and true advice for anyone who's trying to stick with a diet, whether your goal is to look better in a swimsuit, develop 6-pack abs, put on some muscle mass or all of the above.
Dos & Don'ts of Dieting
  • Mixing 5 grams of Micronized BCAA powder into a shake, cold water or another beverage can help with between meal hunger pangs.
  • Whey protein not only helps burn body fat and build muscle, it can also provide some satiety support. Satiety is a feeling of fullness and a key component of any diet plan.
  • Drinking water throughout the day can also play a role in satiety. Modern humans have been conditioned to associate thirst with hunger. Working this logic backwards, if you aren't thirsty then you can't be hungry either.
  • Even though they don't add any calories, artificial sweeteners can stimulate appetite. Guzzling diet sodas all day could be detrimental to your diet.
  • Stay busy. Keeping yourself active and engaged all day is a great way to prevent thoughts of food from creeping into your consciousness. It also helps you burn more calories.
  • When you prepare a meal use spices to make the dish that much more interesting and flavorful. With bland food, you subconsciously feel the need to consume more. Delicious food gets you there faster and with fewer calories.

Test out some of all of these suggestions to see which ones, or what combination of techniques, do the best job of helping you avoid the classic junk food jam. No matter how much of a hurry you're in, there's got to be a better solution. One quick final point on the candy bar issue: Switch it out for one of ON's new protein bars. Wholly Oats provides an impressive 21 grams of staged proteins plus slow-burning carbs from whole rolled oats. If you prefer crunchy over chewy, try new 100% Whey Crisp bars the first all-whey protein bars made with crisps.

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