Blueberry’s Boost Blunted By Milk

If you want to get the full antioxidant support available from a handful of blueberries, a study published in Free Radical Biology & Medicine suggests pairing them with oatmeal rather than your breakfast cereal. The milk you pour over that cereal can block your body's absorption of the fruit's abundant phenolic antioxidants, which are instrumental in counteracting oxidative stress caused by circulating free radicals. The study also pegged tea and chocolate as a less-than-optimal combination.

True Strength Moment: Another advantage to putting blueberries on your oatmeal is fast and slow burning carbohydrates for sustained energy. The fast carbs in blueberries can top off muscle glycogen while the slower burning carbs in oatmeal will be there when you need them later on in your workout. Work this meal into your eating plan about an hour before endurance or resistance training. Save the protein for post-workout rebuilding.
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