Inexperienced Marathoners Beware

With the popularity of marathons and triathlons growing every year, researchers from the Loyola University Health System warn newbies about training and competing without educating themselves about nutrition. They pointed out that some aspiring athletes, particularly females, don't alter their diet to compensate for the metabolic demands of long-distance endurance effort. Suggestions for anyone preparing for an endurance competition include:

Consume Carbohydrates 2 Hours Before Training/Competing
Consume Carbohydrates Immediately After Training/Competing
Eat a Small, Nutritionally Balanced Meal Every 3 to 4 Hours
Daily Intake Should Equal Roughly 15 Calories Per Pound of Body Weight
Try to Get 1,000 to 1,500 mg Calcium a Day with Vitamin D &
Magnesium to Promote Absorption

True Strength Moment: One serving of Gold Standard 100% Casein provides 60% of the recommended Daily Value for calcium. At 120 calories, this rich creamy protein shake can serve as a tasty complement to your endurance nutrition program while providing amino acids to help rebuild the damage muscles endure during intense training and competition.
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