East Vs. West Workouts

Exercise is good for people of any age, a fact that was verified in a recent study published in the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity. One of the more interesting aspects of the research was the lasting boost in mental powers seniors gained from practicing Tai Chi, a low-impact martial art.

Scientists compared the effects of typical western exercise against Tai Chi using a group of subjects that averaged 70 years in age. After 6 months of training, those who exercised the Western way realized the greatest improvements in upper body flexibility. The seniors who practiced Tai Chi exhibited more dramatic improvements in balance and cognitive function, which continued to register a full year later.

True Strength Moment: Considering that these different styles of exercise produced different benefits, the ideal workout would incorporate both types of training. The same is true for healthy active adults of any age. Design a training program that incorporates both resistance and aerobic exercise, then change it up every 8 weeks or so to gain from the benefits of different physical challenges.
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