Protein The Essential Supplement

As of this morning, an online Quick Poll set up by the NSCA's Strength & Conditioning Journal listed protein as the overwhelming supplement of choice for promoting muscle mass gains from resistance training. 491 viewers had chosen protein as the single most important supplement compared to 100 votes for creatine monohydrate and 14 votes for vitamin D. Getting even fewer clicks were beta-alanine and 'none of the above'.

True Strength Moment: While most people agree that protein is crucial for muscle development, a combination of these supplements may offer advantages above and beyond what an athlete can expect from sticking with just one. In the bodybuilding world, this concept is known as 'stacking'. Try adding 5 grams of unflavored creatine powder to your flavored whey protein shake for a couple of months to see if it helps you break through a training barrier.
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Jun 28, 2010
Is it better to take the whey protein shake before or after your workout? I want to gain more weight so what would be the best solution?
Ben Hartman
Jun 29, 2010
Wayne if you're looking to add some muscular size I'd have 1 scoop before training and 1 scoop after, both with a carb source like fruit, oats, or even cereal (my favorite)
Jun 30, 2010
I normally take my protein shake twicw a day, in the half morning, and after the training, as soom as I can, with my BCAA