Take A Break On Failure Training

Go heavy or go home. Leaf through the pages of any bodybuilding magazine and you'll read amazing tales of failure training. Kind of a 'how much can you bench' challenge in print. But a study published in the NSCA's Strength & Conditioning Journal suggests that too frequently training to failure can reduce your body's production of the anabolic hormone testosterone and contribute to a detrimental condition known as overtraining. Researchers suggest limiting bouts of failure training to 6-week cycles for best results. An equal amount of time should then be devoted to non-failure training.

True Strength Moment: Although failure training can play an important part in your muscle size and strength goals, you shouldn't rely exclusively on this demanding technique. Truth be known, no component of your resistance training program should become an everyday endeavor. Doing the same routine day after day isn't the path to greater size and strength. You need time away from the gym and protein for rebuilding.
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