Crushed Ice Shaves Cycling Time

Looking for a competitive edge to employ during your next 40 km cycling event? A study published in the International Journal of Sports Physiology And Performance suggests ingesting crushed ice 30 minutes before racing. Experienced riders who munched down crushed ice peddled 6.5% faster than a group of water drinking cyclists. Their internal temperatures were suppressed for nearly one-sixth of the total effort.

True Strength Moment: Although researchers aren't sure about the mechanisms behind this icy advantage, the pre-cooling strategy was effective. Experiment with this technique by eating a little bit of ice each day until you work your way up to a cup full. You don't want to endure a head freeze while you're racing the trails in summer heat.
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Nate G
Jul 16, 2010
Wow... I may work coming to think of it because when your really hammering those pedals, trying to hold a consist speed your body's core temperature is always a problem. This is the reson why you'll see cyclists and triarthletes pouring water on there heads. The cooler you stay the better your mential state.