You’re A Carb-Burning Machine

The differences between you and the average couch potato run more than skin deep. Fact is, people who exercise regularly burn more carbohydrates as fuel during their workouts. That's what a study published in the Journal of Physiological Pharmacology suggests. Researchers noted that someone who's new to the gym will have to train for a while before their sympathetic nervous system becomes tuned to processing larger amounts of carbohydrate fuel during training.

True Strength Moment: If you're able to process more carbohydrates as fuel for building muscle and strength, that means you'll have to worry less about the waistline increasing potential of this often-feared macronutrient. Don't make the mistake of avoiding carbohydrates. Use them to your advantage, and make your body burn them to power high-intensity workouts.
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sam mcwhirter
Jul 17, 2010
It's really nice to know thing's like this. I started working out four months ago and dropped from 288 lbs to 245, I just dont know the complete logistics of the whole thing it's almost like I'm starting to get fat once more and this make all the since in the world.