Take A Stand For Good Health

The more time you spend each day sitting, the more you shorten your lifespan. That's what a study published in the July 22nd edition of the American Journal of Epidemiology suggests. Researchers tracked the habits of 123,216 adults for 14 years. They found that women who spent 6 hours sitting down each day had a 37% greater risk of death than those who logged less than 3 hours off their feet. The increase was only 17% for men.

True Strength Moment: You'd think that exercise would offset this tend, and it does to some extent. Unfortunately, moderate exercise doesn't entirely negate the effects of many hours spent idle. If you have an office job where you're at a desk most of the time, make a point to get up and walk around as often as you can. Keeping your body moving can also provide an added boost in focus and alertness.
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