Eating For Endurance Training

There are a lot of ways you can approach morning endurance training. One of the most important considerations is nutrition. Not just what type of carbohydrates to consume for energy, but whether or not you should eat at all. A study recently published in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport offers this advice to endurance athletes.

A group of 8 female and 6 male subjects, all new to endurance training, engaged in a 4-week program that involved cycling 5 days a week. Some participants went on their morning ride without consuming any food while others ate a carbohydrate-centered meal. As it turns out, men responded more favorably than women to training on an empty stomach, while both groups developed greater aerobic capacity when they trained without eating.

True Strength Moment: What works for newbies might not be the best course of action for trained athletes. Consider the analogy of bicycle training wheels. They're helpful for learning balance and control, but hinder performance after a rider's mastered the basics. Once you achieve a certain level of fitness, your body's going to need greater nutritional support than someone who's just starting a program.
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