Jump Start Your HIIT Workout

If you're working High Intensity Interval Training, here's a tip to help you get more out of the effort. Research published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found that getting a fast start to a 3-minute all-out effort on a stationary bike contributes to better performance near the end of your sprint. Seven adult volunteers started their workout fast, evenly paced or slowly. The fast-start technique resulted in the greatest overall performance and best fitness boost.

True Strength Moment: High Intensity Interval Training, where you vary the intensity of your physical effort high to medium at about a 1:2 ratio, has proven itself to be a very effective approach for cardio conditioning. It also gets you out of the gym in about half the time it takes to perform a regular steady-pace workout, making HIIT something to consider on those days when you're pressed for time.
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