The First Should Be Last

Core muscles are a crucial component of both upper and lower body strength. That makes them an important muscle group to train, regardless of whether you're working to develop physical performance, a more defined physique or both.

An article in Muscle & Fitness magazine cautions against starting your workout with abdominal training. Researchers found that men who trained core muscles before doing three sets of squats couldn't match the number of reps they performed when abs were trained at the end of their session.

True Strength Moment: While it's a good idea to begin your workout with an exercise that might not be one of your favorites, this rule doesn't apply to core muscles. You need them for almost all of the other resistance exercises you'll perform. If you don't want to do them last, move your abs workout to cardio day. That should help keep your core fresh for the lifts you really look forward to.
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Aug 24, 2010
Ahh I will have to try that next time I do legs.. I usually warm up my abs before I do squats, well see if I can push more reps next time by skipping abs..