Happy Landings For Team Players

If you're training to make a fall sports team, here's some good advice from the Journal of Biomechanics. A study of basketball players at the University of California Davis found that landing from jumps more steeply on your toes can reduce the force passed up to your knee joint by 56%. That's important since the majority of ACL injuries are the result of everyday jump landings, not collisions or noticeably bad landings. Coming down flat footed or on your heels from even a little jump can generate significant stress.

True Strength Moment: As an added bonus, the 14 volunteers who participated in this research ended up increasing their vertical jump by a full inch without losing any speed. Try landing on your toes and bending slightly at the knee on impact to see if you feel less tension in your knee and sky higher against the competition. What works on the basketball court can have applications in football, soccer, volleyball and field hockey too.
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