Slushing Through Cardio Day

It's hot outside. Even your gym's air conditioning system struggles to beat the heat and humidity of August's dog days. Researchers in New Zealand discovered that cooling yourself from the inside can help extend cardio day efforts. Ten trained male subjects drank a slushy ice and water mixture instead of cold water and managed 10 additional minutes running the treadmill. Their workout went from 40 to 50 minutes with this simple tactic.

True Strength Moment: What made the slushy solution difference? Scientists found that heart rates of smoothie drinking subjects rose at a slower rate than subjects who drank cold water before running. Try a novel approach to your pre-workout shake. Get out an electric blender, add some ice cubes from the freezer, throw in some frozen fruit for fast carbohydrate energy and search the protein smoothie database at for recipes geared to your goals. There's something for everyone.
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