The Perfect Food

According to Eating Well magazine, wild caught Pacific sardines are the perfect food. Each 3.75 ounce tin provides more than 22 grams of protein, 2 grams of healthy omega-3 fatty acids along with a boat-load of vitamins and minerals. Since sardines are small, they don't retain the toxins typically found in larger fish. And wild sardine populations are very sustainable. If you're on a carb-control diet the news is even better since sardines are carbohydrate and sugar free.

True Strength Moment: Sardines make a great substitute for tuna in salads, and preparation is simple since their skin and bones are edible. Those 22 grams of protein make an outstanding whole foods meal about 2 hours after a post-workout whey protein shake. If you're seafood averse, you still have to get your fair share of essential fatty acids. Fortunately there are fish oil supplements made from sardines.
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