Exercise Keeps A Lid On Hunger

Losing weight is 90% diet and 10% exercise. Maintaining weight loss is 90% exercise and 10% diet. Chances are you've heard this weight management philosophy stated at some point. A recent study published in the journal PLoS Biology fits very well into the equation.

Analyzing the hormone signalizing capacities of obese lab mice, researchers found that exercise restored the sensitivity of important appetite control hormones insulin and leptin. Apparently, when the rodents were left to sit in their cages and eat, the signals meant to slow down or stop consuming weren't getting through.

True Strength Moment: There are many advantages to regular exercise. While burning calories might not be as important as cutting consumption to someone who's actively trying to trim down, keeping yourself in good physical shape stokes your energy and self-confidence in ways calorie restriction can't match. If the results of this study prove true in humans, fitness might also make it easier to push back from the dinner table.
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