Kettlebell Hockey Conditioning

It takes a combination of strength, power, endurance and flexibility to succeed in the game of ice hockey. If you're going out for the team, the NSCA's Performance Training Journal recommends working kettlebell swings into your pre-season conditioning program. Kettlebell training is an old school ballistic workout that develops the glutes, hamstrings and back. Heaving these iron-handled weights presents team sports athletes with a phenomenal way to simultaneously develop core strength, stability and flexibility.

True Strength Moment: If you've never swung a kettlebell before, do some research on form and technique. Either ask someone who knows how to use them, or get detailed instruction from a couple of different Internet sites. It's also a good idea to avoid attempting fancy variations until you're comfortable doing the basic moves. You don't have to be a fast-moving winger to appreciate the performance and conditioning advantages that kettlebell training can provide.
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