Whey & BCAA Performance Advantage

You've heard about the advantages of post-workout nutrition. It's very likely that you've seen hard-training men and women mixing up a whey protein shake right in the gym. What's the big deal? According to research published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism you have a lot to gain from whey protein and leucine supplementation.

Scientists had 30 moderately fit subjects undertake a variation of the U.S. Air Force fitness test. Some subjects got 19.7 grams of whey protein and 6.2 grams of leucine per day. The rest got a placebo. After 8 weeks, the supplementing subjects greatly improved their bench press and push-up performance. The placebo takers didn't show significant signs of improvement. And only the supplementing subjects built up noticeable amounts of muscle mass.

True Strength Moment: It's been said that hard work in the gym is a wasted effort if it isn't backed up by sound nutrition strategies. Leucine, one of the three Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), plays an important role in protein synthesis, the process that triggers muscle rebuilding after the breakdown of training. Whey is a fast-acting protein that's also a rich source of BCAAs. This study suggests that stacking a BCAA powder with a whey protein shake after training can increase your performance while enhancing your physique.
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