Friends Make Exercise Fun

It's a basic and very well-established fact that any activity you enjoy doing is much more likely to remain a part of your routine. A study of college student leisure time published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health suggests that training with a friend makes the experience more enjoyable.

Asked to keep a journal of leisure time activities and rate the level of enjoyment, 192 undergraduate students in their late teens and early 20s averaged 77 minutes a day engaged in physical activity outside of PE classes and organized team sports. Those activities ranged from pickup games, aerobics and weight training to hiking and dancing. When they involved other people, students were much more likely to rate the experience as fun.

True Strength Moment: The strength athlete who's determined to log a new milestone every time he hits the gym can definitely benefit from bringing along a training partner. They'll come in handy as a spotter and can share in the triumph of your most recent iron conquest. Plus, a training partner can back up your brags to the guys later on.
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